Social Innovator of the Year

The Ballard Center’s Social Innovator of the Year Award recognizes an exceptional individual who is committed to finding and participating in innovative solutions to social problems.

Misan Rewane, the Founder & CEO of West Africa Vocational Education (WAVE) received the “2019 Social Innovator of the Year” award.

Each year the Ballard Center celebrate’s our Social Innovator of the Year at an invite-only luncheon. Attendees have the privilege to hear exclusive insights from leading experts in social innovation. “There are a number of social ventures in the world that are recognized by various groups,” says Todd Manwaring, Ballard Center director. “What we do is we pick a group who is having some phenomenal success that we would like to bring on campus.”

For a complete list of past honorees, please see below.

Year Honoree Speaking at TEDxBYU Organization
2019 Misan Rewane West Africa Vocational Education (WAVE)
2018 Alexandra Bernadotte Beyond 12
2017 Sam Cobbs First Place for Youth
2016 Bill Somerville Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
2015 Jane Leu Smarter Good
2014 Jake Harriman Nuru International
2013 Kushal Chakrabarti Vittana (Now merged with Kiva)
2012 David Bornstein Solutions Journalism Network
2011 Willy Foote Root Capital
2010 None awarded None awarded
2009 Jim Fruchterman Benetech
2008 Bette Gibson Academy for Creating Enterprise
  Steve Gibson Academy for Creating Enterprise
2007 Martin Burt Fundacion Paraguaya
2006 Mushtaque Chowdhury BRAC
  Jordan Kassalow Vision Spring (Formerly Scojo Foundation)
2005 Warner Woodworth Brigham Young University
2004 Chris Dunford Freedom From Hunger
2003 Sam Daley-Harris RESULTS Educational Fund
2002 Kathleen Close Micro-Business USA
2001 John Hatch FINCA