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  • Women Helping Women in Entrepreneurship Wednesday Jul 10 2019

    The Ballard Center's Social Venture Academy works to solve social issues across the globe, and recent participants seem to be setting a new trend in social entrepreneurship—women helping women.

  • Social Innovation in a Speedy Way Wednesday Apr 24 2019

    While the hustle and bustle of big cities in America are characterized by taxis and Uber and Lyft vehicles, Madagasca's ubiquitous mode of travel looks very different.

  • A Career of Inspiring Connections Thursday Feb 14 2019

    From her college years on, Rose Palmer has connected people, organizations, and communities—leaving them stronger than they were before. When she was a student at BYU, she grew BYU Women's Conference seven-fold. Palmer is now back as a staff member, connecting students to the BYU Marriott School of Business Ballard Center through her position as event coordinator.

  • Newly Organized Professional Research Team Streamlines Farming Supply Chain in Tanzania Friday Feb 01 2019

    The Global Innovation Group (GIG) unites professors from across BYU’s campus to focus on advancing social innovation and fighting global problems, such as poverty. Research teams do this by applying the latest research techniques to individual programs and by developing research ideas for problems that currently have no known solution.

  • Saving Mothers and Babies: Social Venture Maternal Health Challenge Thursday Jan 31 2019

    In February 2018, the World Health Organization reported that more than 800 women die worldwide every day due to preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Students who participate in the Social Venture Maternal Health Challenge propose technology-related solutions to lower the mortality rate for pregnant mothers.

  • How to Live a Meaningful Life Wednesday Jan 30 2019

    Have you wondered what your life is going to be like after college graduation? Do you dream about making a difference with your career, yet worry that it won’t be financially viable?

  • Doing Good Better with Y-Prize: Problem Mastery Tuesday Jan 29 2019

    While as a student at BYU-Idaho, Madeline Steele, a public health major, stumbled upon the one and only social innovation class at offered on campus. Intrigued by the ad for the class that promised she could change the world, Steele enrolled in the class and loved what she learned.

  • Off-Campus Internships: Ecuador and Puerto Rico Monday Jan 28 2019

    Proximity allows social innovators to better understand people who are experiencing a social issue. To further the Ballard Center’s mission of searching for pattern-breaking social innovations around the world, students receive grants to make off-campus internships possible. Most of the grant funding comes from generous donors who believe in the power of travel and face-to-face interaction when solving social problems. Without these grants, many students wouldn’t have the opportunity to travel abroad.

  • Behind the Scenes: Interning at University Impact Friday Jan 25 2019

    In 2017, University Impact, an impact investing firm opened its doors in Provo, Utah. Although the impact investing industry (providing monetary support to companies that generate both social impact and financial return) is relatively new, University Impact is doing something unique in the space—nearly all of its associates are college students. In an investing world where internships and jobs are highly competitive, this niche, impact investing firm gives students a chance to hone their skills and gain experience before they’ve even started their full-time career.

  • Ballard Center Advisement Sessions Friday Jan 11 2019

    The Ballard Center has over thirty programs, and students can almost always find a way to get involved; however, navigating through the variety of classes, competitions, internships, and events can be intimidating.

  • BYU Marriott Welcomes Its New Dean Brigitte Madrian Began Term 1 January Monday Jan 07 2019

    After six months of anticipation, Brigham Young University finally welcomes its newest dean. On 1 January 2019, Brigitte C. Madrian began her tenure as dean of the BYU Marriott School of Business.

  • Boosted by Immersion Tuesday Dec 18 2018

    When Sydni Dunn came to BYU, she embraced the idea of "entering to learn." The entrepreneurial management student immersed herself in countless opportunities that would ultimately prepare her to "go forth to serve."

  • BYU Students Waste No Time Taking out the Trash Tuesday Oct 30 2018

    After conducting a simple test for efficient waste and recycling pickups, social innovator Matthew Liddle learned that the idea had greater potential than previously imagined.

  • New BYU Marriott Course Leads the Way in CSR Wednesday Oct 24 2018

    To prepare students for current business needs, the BYU Marriott School of Business has developed a new course with the help of the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance.

  • Ballard Center Announces New Club Friday Oct 05 2018

    As of this semester, the Nonprofit Management Student Association club is the newest program addition to the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance.  

  • A Sight to Behold Thursday Oct 04 2018

    A recent entrepreneurial effort made by a group of BYU students is making a lot of noise. The venture uses smart glasses to address educational barriers faced by deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

  • BYU Grad Uses Tech to Teach and Tutor Underprivileged Children in Ghana Tuesday Aug 21 2018

    As the founder of Educell, a nonprofit geared toward helping nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in resource-limited areas, Cade Dopp works tirelessly to bring education to those around the world who don’t have access to it.

  • Ballard Center Students Innovate Recycling Monday Jul 23 2018

    Ballard Center students teamed up with Recyclops, a recycling company started by a BYU Marriott grad, to provide curbside recycling in rural communities by implementing a new Uber-like service.

  • Social Impact a Utah Business Focus Wednesday Jun 13 2018

    The Ballard Center is a member of the new Utah chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance, encouraging entrepreneurs to network and help each other improve impact.

  • Thompson Named Interim Dean Tuesday Jun 12 2018

    Michael P. Thompson will serve as interim dean from 1 July 2018 to 31 December 2018. Steve Glover and Keith Vorkink will continue to serve as associate deans.