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  • Delivering the Law Wednesday Oct 21 2020

    When BYU Marriott MBA alum George Simons discovered the difficulty of sending legal documents through the mail, he decided to make a difference and find a better solution.

  • The Man Behind the Ballard Center Thursday Sep 24 2020

    When Todd Manwaring first heard the term social impact, he had no clue how much those two words would change his life. It was 1996 and Manwaring was searching for his legacy vocation after a successful information technology career. Now looking back almost twenty-five years later as the founder, director, and professor-of-practice of the Melvin J. Ballard Center for Social Impact at the BYU Marriott School of Business, Manwaring says the change in career was one of the best decisions he made in his life.    

  • Helping Others on a Large Scale Tuesday Jul 07 2020

    Graduating from college often means the beginning of a new journey for students. Gone are textbooks and class schedules, replaced by commutes and paychecks. For Jennica Collette, her career in social impact is taking off as she begins her internship at Latter-day Saint Charities. Collette, who recently graduated from BYU in political science, is one of four Ballard Center for Social Impact scholars who were accepted into highly competitive and sought-after internships at Latter-day Saint Charities this summer.

  • More than a Manager Thursday Jun 25 2020

    Cheryl Crockett, assistant office manager at the Ballard Center for Social Impact, first recognized the diversity of the human condition while reading National Geographic as a girl. “Looking through those pages, I learned that there were others in the world who not only lived differently than me but had so much less opportunity and material abundance. Early on I felt love for the people in those distant places and longed to travel and help in some way,” she remembers.

  • Low-cost ventilator evolves from BYU Capstone project to FDA-approved device for COVID-19 Monday Jun 22 2020

    Eight years ago, a group of BYU engineering students started a project to create a neonatal ventilator for premature babies born in third-world countries. Today, several iterations later, that original idea has been reengineered as an affordable adult ventilator that just received FDA emergency authorization for use in hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • BYU Marriott Names New Associate Dean Bonnie Anderson Assumes Role 18 May Thursday May 14 2020

    BYU Marriott School of Business dean Brigitte C. Madrian has announced the appointment of Bonnie Anderson as the school’s newest associate dean. Anderson takes over for previous associate dean Keith Vorkink on 18 May.

  • BYU Undergraduate Team Honored by MIT Monday Apr 27 2020

    The Ballard and Rollins Centers aren't the only groups to recognize Neptune Plastics. MIT recently honored the BYU student-led company as 2020 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize winners with a $10,000 award.

  • Giving Back Through Education Monday Apr 20 2020

    Jill Piacitelli didn't always know she wanted to work in the social impact field. However, after participating in socially conscious projects during college and later unexpectedly landing a director role in a nonprofit, she found her personal calling. Piacitelli is now using her expertise to teach students as a new adjunct professor at the Ballard Center for Social Impact at BYU Marriott.  

  • Making a Real Impact Tuesday Mar 24 2020

    For many students at BYU, the Ballard Center for Social Impact at BYU Marriott provides unique hands-on experiences in working to solve social and community-based issues. In order to broaden its reach and help BYU students who are new to social impact, the Ballard Center has launched a new student-led organization, the Impact Investing Association (IIA).

  • 11 TED Talks That Can Change the World Monday Mar 16 2020

    The TEDxBYU forum is known for its inspiring speakers and thought-provoking speeches. For viewers interested in social impact, the following eleven talks address social issues in a novel, hopeful way.

  • The Man Behind Neptune Monday Mar 09 2020

    As Marx Acosta-Rubio biked down the streets of Florida, he was shocked by the trash he saw. Garbage lined the beaches, covered the roads, and littered the sidewalks. This would serve as the inspiration for a potentially groundbreaking new product.

  • A Semester with Walmart Wednesday Mar 04 2020

    The summer of 2020 will bring big things for Katelynne Hinckley—she’s flying to Walmart’s worldwide headquarters in Arkansas. Read more about the process and experiences that landed her a dream internship.

  • Ballard Center Announces Name Change New name reflects focus on solving social problems Friday Jan 31 2020

    As the calendar recently turned a page to a new year and decade, the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance at the BYU Marriott School of Business has something new for 2020. The BYU Board of Trustees approved that the center be renamed the Melvin J. Ballard Center for Social Impact.

  • Smart Minds in the Same Room Thursday Jan 16 2020

    When Isaac Blake served a mission in Argentina in 2013, he experienced a vastly different economy and culture from what he was used to in his affluent Boston neighborhood. “Ever since my mission, I've been motivated to have a higher purpose in my career. There are a lot of ways in which business can do good in the world,” says Blake.

  • Behind the Numbers Thursday Dec 19 2019

    Heather Hammond Cruz discovered her interest in the social innovation field after serving humanitarian trips in Zambia, Greece, and India. After seeing the direct positive impact her work had on people, she asked herself, “If working in social impact is what I love and what I’m passionate about, why am I not doing this for my career?

  • Ballard Center Hosts Ninth Annual Peery Film Festival Friday Dec 13 2019

    The Peery Film Festival features documentaries that address the world’s most pressing social issues. Find out how goats, a life-sized Operation game, and a vintage convertible were used to pull crowds into the documentaries being screened across campus.

  • Creating a Life of Social Innovation Tuesday Dec 10 2019

    When Hank Taylor graduated from BYU in 2013, he felt he had to choose just one focus. But like many other students trying to decide their future career, his interests spanned beyond just his economics major.

  • Sonnet to Stocks Wednesday Dec 04 2019

    What does Shakespeare have in common with impact investing? Some might say there's no connection, but for 2018 BYU English graduate Marianna Giordano that couldn't be further from the truth.

  • A Brief with Lasting Ideas Wednesday Nov 27 2019

    As vaping becomes an increasingly popular activity among young adults, BYU student Cade Hyde is dedicating his time to curbing the epidemic that he believes plagues his generation.

  • Finding Your Edgar Insights from Cotopaxi Founder at Changemaker Club Event Monday Nov 11 2019

    Llamas, lunchtime, and a boy named Edgar played important roles in making Davis Smith, Cotopaxi’s founder, the man he is today. Read more about his address—and his challenge— at the Changemaker Club’s September event.