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  • Ask an Alumni: Jeff Roberts Thursday Aug 10 2017

    As part of a new series, the Ballard Center is giving students the opportunity to ask alumni questions and career advice. This piece features Jeff Roberts of Self-Reliance Services/PEF.

  • TEDxBYU 2017 Videos Now Viewable Wednesday Jul 12 2017

    How do I find purpose? How do we cure cancer? How can I best learn from my mistakes? These were just a few of the hard questions addressed at TEDxBYU 2017.

  • Marriott School Honors Faculty, Staff Friday Apr 21 2017

    Michael Thompson, Shane Allred, and others were recognized at the annual Marriott School Awards Luncheon for their contributions to the university and their respective fields.

  • Sam Cobbs: Social Innovator of the Year Friday Apr 14 2017

    As a homeless college student, Sam Cobb was humiliated while he stood in line to get food stamps. Welfare services said he would need to drop out of college if he wanted their aid, but he knew that college was his only chance at escaping poverty.

  • Closing the Digital Divide for Refugees Friday Mar 31 2017

    For Vikram Ravi, making a difference isn't a far-off dream—it's his reality. Ravi's experiences with the Ballard Center helped him land a position as a digital literacy and access VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) for the AmeriCorps program.

  • Graphic Design Students Make a Splash Friday Mar 31 2017

    BYU professor Linda Reynolds sees the skills she teaches as more than a mixture of aesthetics, images, symbols, and words–her design classes teach students to do good better.

  • Student Team Creates Safe Driving App Friday Mar 31 2017

    A realization prompted four entrepreneurship majors to create Kudoz, an app similar to Pocket Points that incentivizes phone users to keep their phones locked while driving.

  • Promoting Life-Saving Rats Tuesday Mar 28 2017

    An SIP team from the Ballard Center is spreading the word about a little animal doing a huge amount of good.

  • Student Invests in Home Country Tuesday Mar 28 2017

    Stephane Akoki grew up in the Ivory Coast in West Africa, experiencing the travesty of insufficient opportunity. Now, he's using the opportunities given him at BYU to empower Ivorian entrepreneurs.

  • Y-Prize Winners Help Cambodian Infants Tuesday Jan 24 2017

    The project—to market infant ventilators for hospitals in developing countries—hit close to home for members of the winning team and is moving in its goal to save lives.

  • Lost Boys of Sudan Visit BYU Thursday Oct 27 2016

    In conjunction with the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance's Peery Film Festival, the BYU Health Science Department was honored to host three Sudanese refugees, at the film showing of "Lost Boys of Sudan."

  • Changemaker Film Competition Shares Solutions Wednesday Oct 26 2016

    BYU alumna Emily Brand won the Ballard Center's first Changemaker Film Competition for her short documentary depicting one social innovator's work to combat hunger.

  • Solving Problems One 'Stoplight' at a Time Wednesday Aug 03 2016

    Thanks to the Ballard Center, BYU students had the opportunity to utilize their skills in the research and development of a survey that is tackling poverty.

  • Watch This Year's TEDxBYU Talks Friday May 20 2016

    Bright minds, riveting speakers, and ideas worth spreading—this year’s TEDxBYU event proved to be the best one yet.

  • Sign Up for Ballard Scholar Program Friday Apr 08 2016

    You might be an accounting major who’s passionate about ending poverty. Or maybe you’re a sociology student striving to solve world hunger. Perhaps you’re studying engineering and just want to create something that will benefit people’s lives.

  • The 2016 SISC Ends in Showdown Monday Mar 14 2016

    The Social Innovation Solution Competition (SISC) started with more than twenty competitors and culminated in a showdown between two teams—but the finale didn’t exactly end as anticipated.

  • 5 Ways to Get Involved in the New Year Monday Jan 04 2016

    If one of your New Year's resolutions is to make a difference, the Ballard Center of Economic Self-Reliance can help you reach your goals.

  • Top Marriott School Stories of 2015 Thursday Dec 31 2015

    The Marriott School had an amazing 2015. Here's a list of some of our top stories of the year featuring our outstanding students, faculty and alumni.

  • Y-Prize Newborn Challenge Kickoff Wednesday Dec 09 2015

    The problem is staggering: 4 million newborn deaths every year. But the solution is promising: low-cost respirators created by BYU engineering students. The challenge is yours: identify a community most in need and find a way to distribute the respirators.

  • New Best Venture Winners Monday Nov 16 2015

    Hours of preparation, planning, and prototyping comes down to a single pitch for student entrepreneurs in the Ballard Center’s Social Venture Academy (SVA), which hosts competitions for socially minded business plans. After a fierce showdown on 2 October, SVA announced the two newest winners of its Best Venture Competition: SimpleCitizen and Haedrian Labs.