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  • The 5 Most Popular TEDxBYU Talks Thursday Feb 22 2018

    The Ballard Center's annual TEDxBYU event brings speakers from all around the world to deliver groundbreaking, unique messages.

  • Alumni Tips on Doing Good Better Thursday Feb 22 2018

    Todd Manwaring, director of the BaIlard Center—a center dedicated to helping students Do Good Better—gives advice on how to make a real impact with social issues you care about.

  • Student App Creator Helps Ghanaian Teachers Tuesday Feb 20 2018

    When BYU graduate student Cade Dopp learned about an inefficiency in the Ghanaian education system, he decided to use innovation to intervene.

  • Do Good. Better in Your Relationships Tuesday Feb 13 2018

    The Ballard Center has a growing influence on BYU campus and around the world, but what most don't realize is that it also impacts the relationships of its employees.

  • How a Street Vendor Changed My Life Wednesday Feb 07 2018

    As we walked down the street, we saw a girl about my age with beautiful beaded bags for sale. The girl’s hair was dark like mine, her eyes were the same shape and color as mine, and her skin was the same shade of brown as mine. What really made us different?

  • New Internship Encourages Innovation Tuesday Jan 23 2018

    BYU's new on-campus internship allows students to earn class credit while working for leading companies in the field of corporate social responsibility.

  • Alumnus Innovates for Low-Income Students Thursday Jan 18 2018

    In a rural, low-income community in Granville County, North Carolina, a group of AP calculus high school students came to class to find no teacher. The situation didn't just continue for a few days—the class sat teacherless for over two months.

  • Utah: The Giving State Tuesday Jan 09 2018

    With a new year and new goals for doing good, some people may seek opportunities to make a greater impact in the world. According to Cicero Social Impact's report The Giving State, the first ever statewide report on philanthropy, Utah gives more time and money than any other state in the United States.

  • Top BYU Marriott Stories of 2017 Friday Dec 29 2017

    Name changes, rankings, awards and more—here is the list of the top BYU Marriott School of Business stories of 2017.

  • Kisoa Farms: Creating Jobs in Madagascar Wednesday Dec 06 2017

    After five missionaries from the Madagascar Antananarivo Mission returned home, they felt compelled to give back to the people they had lived and worked with for two years.

  • A New Do Good. Better FHE Friday Dec 01 2017

    Paper, tape, scissors, pipe cleaners, and cookies. These were some of the items used during the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance's new family home evening event.

  • Investing in Social Change Monday Nov 20 2017

    What if your financial investments could change the world? The Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance’s Impact Investing Program helps students do just that. Regardless of students’ backgrounds or majors, the program teaches them the fundamentals of determining which companies will be financially successful and create real social change.

  • Teaching Through Text Messages Tuesday Nov 14 2017

    Most BYU students celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks and parades, but master’s student Cade Dopp spent his July in Ghana with junior high students and cell phones.

  • Students Tackle Homelessness Monday Nov 13 2017

    One hundred college students, ten days, and one social problem to solve. Students across campus came together to creatively provide a realistic solution for Lava Mae, a nonprofit serving those experiencing homelessness.

  • "Threads of Hope" Wins Changemaker Competition Wednesday Oct 25 2017

    William Knowles couldn’t help but think of his own mother as he captured the story of Nepalese women struggling to provide for their families in his film "Threads of Hope".

  • Ask an Alumni: Jeff Roberts Thursday Aug 10 2017

    As part of a new series, the Ballard Center is giving students the opportunity to ask alumni questions and career advice. This piece features Jeff Roberts of Self-Reliance Services/PEF.

  • TEDxBYU 2017 Videos Now Viewable Wednesday Jul 12 2017

    How do I find purpose? How do we cure cancer? How can I best learn from my mistakes? These were just a few of the hard questions addressed at TEDxBYU 2017.

  • Marriott School Honors Faculty, Staff Friday Apr 21 2017

    Michael Thompson, Shane Allred, and others were recognized at the annual Marriott School Awards Luncheon for their contributions to the university and their respective fields.

  • Sam Cobbs: Social Innovator of the Year Friday Apr 14 2017

    As a homeless college student, Sam Cobb was humiliated while he stood in line to get food stamps. Welfare services said he would need to drop out of college if he wanted their aid, but he knew that college was his only chance at escaping poverty.

  • Closing the Digital Divide for Refugees Friday Mar 31 2017

    For Vikram Ravi, making a difference isn't a far-off dream—it's his reality. Ravi's experiences with the Ballard Center helped him land a position as a digital literacy and access VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) for the AmeriCorps program.