Finance Society

The Finance Society is the flagship student-led organization for students interested in finance-oriented careers. 

Finance Society (FS) is the engine behind the preparation, professional development, and placement for the finance major. Upperclassmen who have completed core classwork and industry internships choose to serve as peer mentors creating a pipeline of experience and information for fellow students. FS is the umbrella organization for many sub-organizations, each with their own leadership. The synergy of the Finance Society creates a supportive student community poised for success. 

Corporate Finance Club

Corporate Finance is working with organizations to maximize shareholder value.  It deals with sources of funding, capital structure of corporations, allocating resources, and more through various analyses.

Deal Advisory Club

Deal Advisory is focused on working with companies to help make strategic merger and acquisition (M&A) decisions. This includes valuing a business’ assets, financial due diligence, and much more.

Investing Club

Investing careers are primarily related to the analysis of various assets (equity/stocks, debt, commodities, etc.) in order to trade these assets and generate a profit while doing so. At its heart, investing as about getting paid to make money using other peoples’ money.

Investment Banking Club

Investment Banking connects those with capital with those who need it. This can be through M&A, initial public offerings (IPOs), restructuring, and leverage finance.

Management Consulting Club

Management Consulting is like having a new job every 3-5 months. Each new project is with a new client, in a new city, learning to solve a new problem in a new industry.

Private Banking Club

Private Banking entails creating personalized financial and portfolio strategies for high net worth individuals through client-facing relationships and an in-depth knowledge of financial markets.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Club

Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE/VC) focus is a foundation of evaluating investment opportunities, including financial evaluation, deal structure, market awareness, industry dynamics, and due diligence (legal, management, market, operations, product). PE/VC provides both a broad understanding and specialized focus of BUY-SIDE opportunities: leveraged buyouts, growth equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and corporate development. 

Real Estate Club

Real Estate is working with land and buildings to maximize property values and generate cash flows. This includes sourcing deals, raising capital, managing assets, and closing transactions.

Women In Finance Association

The Women In Finance Association (WIFA) complements the Finance Society by providing professional development events and opportunities specifically for women, both in the finance program and those interested in learning more about finance. Our women alumni have reported they enjoy the marketability, success, creativity, flexibility, and inclusion in major decisions and direction in their work.

Why Participate?

The Finance Society prepares students for premier internships and full-time job opportunities. Active participation in the club is crucial to successfully preparing for a finance career. Finance Society activities include:

  • Networking 
  • Peer mentoring
  • Guest speakers 
  • Technical training
  • Interview coaching
  • Résumé workshops
  • Internship/job postings
  • Underclassmen Academy – Freshmen and sophomores are mentored in resumes, recruiting, networking and internship preparation, explore the finance industry 
  • Case Competitions – Competitions apply academic and technical skills to real world financial cases, and are presented to prestigious recruiting companies
  • NetTREKS – Visit company cultures & locations, network with company leaders, recruiters and workers, explore diverse career options and internship possibilities.

Join the Club

To get involved, visit the club’s CareerLaunch page or email the club.