Application Information

BYU Marriott offers ten limited-enrollment undergraduate programs. These programs are highly competitive. For more information, please see below.

Application Requirements

General Information

  • You may apply to a maximum of three undergraduate programs at once
  • Academic (GPA measures) and holistic (essay and resume) criteria are evaluated in the admissions process
  • Entry is competitive; not every student who satisfies the minimum criteria will be guaranteed acceptance
  • Students are required to rank their program preferences (these preferences will not be shared with the admissions committee)
  • Switching BYU Marriott majors is not allowed once accepted
  • By accepting admission, students commit to a junior core during the upcoming fall semester and to subsequent coursework in sequence according to the program’s flowchart
  • According to university policy, students must declare a major before reaching sixty credit hours. Declaring pre-management qualifies. However, students should apply to BYU Marriott before accruing ninety credit hours

Academic Criteria

  • The admissions committee may review your entire academic record when processing your application
  • Each program has 3-5 prerequisite courses
  • All prerequisites must be completed before the application deadline (last business day of June)
  • To be eligible to apply, prerequisite GPA must be at least 3.00. For averages, please see the admission statistics below

Repeated and Transferred Prerequisites

  • The application process discounts repeated and transferred prerequisite courses to provide the admissions committee a more objective evaluation of applicants
  • This discount does not change the actual grades on your transcript; it is displayed only on your application
  • The standard discount for transferring or repeating prerequisite courses is one grade-step (e.g., A to A-)
  • The accounting program deviates from this standard by discounting repeated prerequisites a full letter grade (e.g., A to B)


  • Each undergraduate program requires an essay. For more information, please see our Essay Tips


  • Each program, with the exception of accounting, requires a résumé submission. Download the BYU Marriott résumé template or visit Career Launch for help with résumés

Application Deadline

Applications are due the last business day of June at 4:30 p.m. MT.

Admission Statistics (2016)

Program  Applicants Admission Offers  Admit % Enrolled Average Prereq GPA Average Total GPA
Accounting 379 315 83 258 3.82 3.8
Entrepreneurial Management 84 47 57 39 3.45 3.57
Experience Design and Management 103 97 94 76 3.22 3.51
Finance 330 229 69 185 3.76 3.78
Global Supply Chain Management 167 108 65 78 3.54 3.65
Human Resource Management 95 44 46 39 3.59 3.76
Information Systems 196 142 72 117 3.73 3.66
Marketing 188 106 56 91 3.55 3.68
Strategic Management 99 71 72 52 3.71 3.79
Therapeutic Recreation and Management 40 40 100 37 3.44 3.58