At a Glance

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the business function of analyzing markets and understanding consumers to improve goods and services, and provide them at the optimal time, place and price. As a discipline, marketing combines both creativity and analytics, with a wide variety of career options allowing graduates to find their dream job.

What are Marketers’ Roles?

Marketers create value for a company’s customers. They oversee the process of segmentation, targeting, and positioning while integrating decisions about product, promotion, pricing, and placement or distribution.

Marketers work in product/brand management, marketing analytics, social media and digital marketing, business-to-business marketing, retail marketing, and professional selling.

Marketers help people and companies make better decisions through data-driven insights. Marketers learn how to build models of consumer behavior, drive market research to impact sales and new product development, visually represent data, conduct and analyze experiments, and mine the web for insights.

Additionally, graduates can utilize their creative side in marketing, including learning how to create advertising strategy; understand consumer behavior; generate visual and multi-sensory appeals; present, sell, and communicate professionally; and brainstorm new opportunities for products and services.