Graduate Minor

The information systems minor is available to BYU Marriott graduate students who desire to add an information systems component to their graduate experience.

Application Requirements

To apply for the minor, students must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Be admitted to a BYU Marriott graduate program
  2. Obtain the approval of the program director or graduate coordinator of the applicable program office (MAcc, MBA, MPA).
  3. Fill out a declaration form and return to your department advisor

Minor Requirements

Upon acceptance into the minor, students must complete a minimum of nine credits from the following courses:

  • IS 515: Spreadsheets for Business Analysis
  • IS 520: Spreadsheet & DB Automation Programming
  • IS 551: User Experience Design & Technical Leadership
  • IS 555: Data Mining for Business Intelligence
  • IS 560: Information Management Security
  • IS 565: Digital Forensics for Organizations
  • MBA 614: Spreadsheet Automation and Modeling
  • MBA 693R: Project Management
  • MBA 693R: Intro to Marketing Analytics
  • ACC 555: Data Communications & securities
  • ACC 556: Database Analysis Design

All courses listed above are three credits each. Please note that MAcc students may only take one accounting elective.