Program Overview

The Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) degree is designed for students seeking to further prepare for professional careers in information systems and offers students a hands-on approach to learning information systems design and implementation skills as well as management topics.

The MISM program is available as a five-year integrated option for BYU students currently in the BS Information Systems program or as a 12-month program for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree. Students who have completed a bachelor’s in information systems (or a degree with an equivalent skill set, combined with experience) will be required to complete 33.5 credits in two or three semesters. 


The MISM degree features an evolving curriculum that allows students to develop a foundation of information systems skills, including:

  • Business analytics
  • Security and forensics
  • Development
  • IT architecture
  • Business strategy

In addition, students are required to take eighteen hours of elective courses, giving them the flexibility to further study information systems and/or management topics of their choice. All MISM classes contain the underpinning themes of professionalism, team dynamics, risk management, controls, ethics, communication, flexibility, and adaptability. Students admitted directly as graduate students will work with the advisor to create a customized schedule based on prior experience and coursework. All schedules are finalized after admission. For more information and courses and schedules, please view the flowcharts.