Admission Criteria

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When to Apply

The application is due on the last business day of June at 4:30 p.m. All prerequisites must be completed in order to apply.

We welcome applications from students finishing their sophomore and junior years, but we have observed that successful outcomes are more likely when students enter our program after their freshman year. Recruiting for finance internships happens quite early. We often see students accept offers in the spring of their sophomore year for an internship between their junior and senior years.  Because recruiters are now interviewing and making offers to sophomores for junior internships, we advise students, where possible, to apply to the finance major after their freshman year.  

How to Prepare

Students should also understand that admission to the major is competitive. In 2018, 529 applications were submitted for 175 seats. In order to assist students in preparing to apply, we offer the following guidance and counsel:

  • Earn strong grades in the prerequisite courses (ACC 200, FIN 201, and MKTG 201). The minimum prerequisite GPA to apply is 3.0; the average of students admitted in 2018 was above 3.8.
  • Where a student’s schedule allows, take and earn high marks in one or more of the following courses: ECON 110, IS 110, STAT 121, MATH 118. This is especially important for students applying after their sophomore or junior year.
  • Join and actively participate in the Finance Society, including the Underclassman Academy.
  • Attend at least one spring NetTrek.
  • Complete an on-campus internship.
  • Create a properly formatted and polished résumé.
  • Secure a meaningful summer internship.

What Matters to the Admissions Committee

The application consists of four parts:

  • GPA (primary consideration is given to the prerequisite GPA)
  • Résumé (format and content matter) 
  • Essay (click here to learn what makes a compelling essay)
  • Transcripts (strong performance in rigorous courses increases the chances of admission)

Other Info

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