Skyrocketing Possibilities

PROVO, Utah – Jun 20, 2019 – When reading Troy Carpenter’s résumé, the words commercial real estate can’t be found. However, this finance research associate advises members of the BYU Real Estate Club and does everything in his power to help BYU Marriott students succeed.

The Heber City, Utah native began his career far from the vast mountain ranges of his home state as he worked in Japan as a software engineer. Carpenter traveled throughout Asia working in the semiconductor industry as he installed software in companies such as Intel and AMD. He had no idea the time he spent abroad would prepare him for specific roles at BYU Marriott.

After moving back to Utah, Carpenter accepted a position with the BYU Marriott finance department as a research associate. Because of his previous work experience, Carpenter was asked to lead a study abroad program in Asia in 2011, 2012, and 2016.

BYU Marriott study abroad programs are structured to include visits to businesses and cultural sites as well as allow time for students to explore on their own. As the director, Carpenter enjoys coordinating with local congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help students connect with others of their same faith. Carpenter remembers setting up a young single adult activity with a branch in Cambodia. “The branch showed us some of their cultural dances, and it was a great interaction for BYU Marriott students,” Carpenter says.

Carpenter strongly encourages students to utilize BYU Marriott’s expansive study abroad programs. “Students receive incredible instruction in the classroom, but there are some things you can’t grasp until you experience the culture, cuisine, and flavor of another country,” he says.

Not only does Carpenter help students further their careers abroad, he works closely with students at BYU Marriott to find jobs in the states. Carpenter spent five years as the faculty advisor for the Corporate Finance Club before becoming the advisor to the BYU Real Estate Club. Because of his travel and advising expertise, Carpenter was the perfect fit to help assist the club in planning and attending networking trips across the United States.

“The number-one goal of the BYU Real Estate Club is to prepare students to work in many of the leading firms throughout the country,” says Carpenter. During the 2018 school year, the BYU Real Estate Club helped thirty-two students land full time commercial real estate positions as well as placed eighty-four students with internships in companies such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. The success of the club is attributed to the time they spent fine-tuning their résumés and practicing for interviews. “Juniors and seniors come back from their internships and help the underclassmen prepare for their interviews by helping them understand the situational and technical questions they are going to be asked,” Carpenter explains. “When it comes to landing an internship or job, we compete head-to-head with the Ivy League students.”

Carpenter’s desire to help BYU Marriott students is evident as he works relentlessly to support the BYU Real Estate Club. The students he interacts with know he is dedicated to helping them succeed. “Troy Carpenter often looks for ways to bless the lives of students, always quietly and behind the scenes—never looking for recognition,” says BYU Real Estate Club president Adam Cornejo. “I always knew he was in my corner.”

Carpenter’s favorite part about interacting with BYU Marriott students is witnessing them discover their potential. “I love watching the lights turn on,” says Carpenter. “When you get students out, whether it’s a study abroad or a networking trip, it increases vision, and as vision increases, possibilities skyrocket.”

BYU Real Estate Club visiting Morgan Stanley offices in San Francisco.
Troy Carpenter, far right, joins the BYU Real Estate Club at Morgan Stanley offices in San Francisco. Photo courtesy of Troy Carpenter.
The BYU Real Estate Club during a property tour in Dallas.
The BYU Real Estate Club during a property tour in Dallas. Photo courtesy of Troy Carpenter.

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Writer: Nikaela Smith