General Application Questions

Everything factors in—do not take any of the application requirements lightly. The admissions committee looks at the overall GPA, prerequisite GPA, academic record, and essay when considering students for admission.

We can admit as many as ninety students into experience industry management and forty-five into therapeutic recreation.

The prerequisite GPA, BYU/overall GPA, an essay, and a résumé will be considered in the application process. Doing well in prerequisite and other courses and becoming involved in clubs and other volunteer, work, or internship opportunities will best prepare students for the application.

An internship is not required before applying to the recreation management program. However, any previous internship experience may help when looking for the senior internship.

As therapeutic recreation (TR) and experience industry management (EIM) are very different, students are encouraged to explore both options and to know which emphasis would better fit their career goals before applying.


A minimum prerequisite GPA of 3.0 is required to be an eligible applicant. The average prerequisite GPA of those admitted to the recreation management program varies each year.

Look on your BYU transcript. If it shows the AP credit as being equivalent to a BYU course, it is equivalent to that course. Otherwise, it is not considered equivalent for the year in question. AP courses used for the prerequisite classes will not be reflected in your prerequisite GPA because a letter grade was not received. For more information on AP course credit at BYU, click here.

Sometimes for transfer or AP credits courses differentiate between macro- and micro-economics; ECON 110 covers both. Simply enter the applicable grade for the appropriate course (leaving the other blank if not applicable) and it will be weighted accordingly on your application.

It is highly recommended and preferred that students take prerequisite courses on campus. However, they will be accepted if taken through Independent Study.

Retaken prerequisite courses are discounted one-third of a letter grade on applications to the recreation management major. Please contact the Marriott School Undergraduate Advisement Center if you are concerned about your prerequisite GPA going below a 3.0 with a retake. 

The prerequisite courses for the recreation management program are ACC 200, FIN 201, BUS M 241, ECON 110, and RECM 300. For more information on application criteria, click here. 

The clubs are open to all students interested in joining. Though it is not required, joining the clubs before applying will help students become involved and network with recreation management majors.

Recreation Management Program

Elective courses may be taken before or after entering the recreation management program. A total of two recreation management electives must be completed before a student in the EIM emphasis can graduate. In the therapeutic recreation emphasis there are no required electives; however, the biology and psychology courses may be taken either before or after entering the program.

No. The Marriott School does not allow double majors within the Marriott School. Double majors where one major is outside the Marriott School are not encouraged but will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Therapeutic recreation is purposefully using recreation and leisure of all kinds to bring about a positive change (emotionally, socially, physically, spiritually, or psychologically) and increase quality of life. The program is designed to help students become CTRS certified and learn about different physical and mental disorders, assessments in therapy, how to plan and implement programs for individuals, and how to evaluate based on therapeutic outcomes.

Experience industry management includes designing, planning, executing, and managing experiences for companies and individuals. The program is designed to prepare students to enter the business world by providing them with unique skills in experience design, event management, and venue management.

Transfer Students

For more information on transfer courses, click here.

Transfer or retaken prerequisite courses are discounted one-third of a letter grade on applications to the recreation management major. Please contact the Marriott School Undergraduate Advisement Center if you are concerned about your prerequisite GPA going below a 3.0 with a retake.

The class may still count but you would need to have it evaluated. A syllabus and course information must be sent to msm_transfer@byu.edu in order for the class to be evaluated. For more information, click here. 

First obtain an official transcript from your transfer school and see that it is sent to the BYU Registrar. Once this transcript has been received, it should show up on your BYU transcript. Make sure the transfer courses show as being equivalent to the appropriate BYU courses. Once it is listed as equivalent on your transcript or progress report you may then list it on your application.

Deferring Admission

If for any reason (mission, study abroad, internship, etc.) you must interrupt your continuous registration, you MUST complete a Deferment Request to be reviewed by the director of the Marriott School Undergraduate Advisement Center.

You may begin the program during the next fall semester. You must contact a student advisor in 610 TNRB before you may register for the appropriate classes and start the program.

Internships and Careers

Graduates in the EIM emphasis enjoy careers in the hospitality and tourism industry, including planning corporate and community events and festivals, managing community recreation venues, directing youth sports and youth-serving agencies, and directing and managing military recreation programs and venues.

Graduates in the TR emphasis enjoy careers as recreation therapists in a variety of settings including centers for mental, behavioral, emotional or physical rehabilitation, assisted living centers, wilderness and adventure therapy programs, parks and recreation programs, schools, community centers, long-term care facilities, youth programs, and community-based recreation programs for people with disabilities.

Once EIM students have completed the junior core classes, the RECM 496R senior internship may be taken. Students often decide to complete the internship over the summer but there is no required time, as long as it is done before graduation.

For TR students, the RECM 496R senior internship can be taken after all TR classes have been completed.

Students interested in the EIM program should join the Event and Venue Management Club. Students interested in the TR program should join the Therapeutic Recreation Club.

Students interested in the TR field could volunteer at any (but are not limited to) the following: Utah State Hospital, Utah State Developmental Center, Provo Recreation Center, Scenic View Academy, Heritage School, Center for Change, New Haven, Maple Lake Academy, or Daniel’s Academy.

A CTRS is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. To become a CTRS, you must complete the TR program requirements, complete a 560-hour internship (RECM 496R), and pass the NCTRC exam. After completing these requirements, you are certified to practice as a recreation therapist.

Other Questions

A policy petition form is used to appeal a Marriott School policy. A progress report discrepancy form is used to reconcile anything missing from the progress report; use this form when something is listed as approved online but is not reflected on your transcript. To access these and other forms, click on the Undergraduate Advisement Forms option in your student tools.

Contact the Marriott School Undergraduate Advisement Center in 460 TNRB to map out your graduation, verify prerequisite requirements, and ask general questions about the recreation management program.

Contact the Business Career Center in 446 TNRB or at 801-422-5800.

Marriott School laptop requirements can be found here.