Chad Carlos

Chad Carlos

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship,
Management, Department of

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W. Chad Carlos is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University. His research focuses on issues related to entrepreneurship and non-market strategy in contexts such as health care, sustainability, and university technology commercialization and has been published in top management journals including Administrative Science Quarterly and Organization Science. Professor Carlos has taught courses on entrepreneurship and innovation to students and executives in countries around the globe including the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Professor Carlos earned his PhD in management and organizations from Cornell University. Prior to his academic career, he was a certified public accountant and a senior consultant with KPMG in their Silicon Valley office. In this capacity, he specialized in helping technology clients such as Google, Hitachi, Palm, and Cypress Semiconductor mitigate financial risk and improve operational performance.


  • Ph.D., Management & Organizations, Cornell University, 2013
  • Master of Science, , Cornell University, 2010
  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, , Brigham Young University, 2003
  • MAcc, Accounting, Brigham Young University, 2003

Selected Publications

  • "Gone With the Wind: The Evolving Influence of Social Movements and Counter Movements on Entrepreneurial Activity in Sustainable Markets", Advances in Strategic Management, Emerald Insight, Sinziana Dorobantu, Ruth Aguilera, Jiao Luo, Frances Milliken.    
  • "Manu Militari: The institutional contingencies of stakeholder relationships on entrepreneurial performance", Organization Science, Informs.    
  • "Play to win or don't play at all: The financial returns to making the cut", BYU Working Paper, BYU Scholars Archive.    
  • "Strategic silence: Withholding certification status as a hypocrisy avoidance tactic", Administrative Science Quarterly, Edition 1, Volume 63, Issue 1, Pages 130-169, 2018.    
  • "Entrepreneurs and the Strategic Communication of Socially Responsible Activities", Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility, Nanjing University Press, Joel Glassman, Masato Kimura, Ki Hyoung Sohn, Shuming Zhao, 2018.    
  • "Responses to Institutional Complexity: Veiled vs. Visible Implementations of Contested Practices", Edition 1, Volume 2017, Issue 1, Academy of Management Proceedings, 2017.    
  • "Differential effects of collective action on firm entry in the emergent U.S. biodiesel sector", Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, Volume 2015, Academy of Management, 2015.    
  • "Review of "Jane C. Banaszak-Holl, Sandra R. Levitsky, and Mayer N. Zald, eds.: Social Movements and the Transformation of American Health Care."", Administrative Science Quarterly, Edition 2, Volume 57, Issue 2, Pages 366-368, 2012.    


    • Senior Consultant-Silicon Valley, KPMG 2002 - 2006


  • Outstanding Paper Award , Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability , 2016
  • Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship , Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  • ONE Best Paper Award , Academy of Management Conference


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