Two New Student Exchange Programs Announced for Winter 2012

Although the Earth isn't expanding, the opportunities for students to explore it are growing with the announcement of two new international exchange programs through the Whitmore Global Management Center at Brigham Young University.

Beginning Winter 2012 students will have the opportunity to study for one or two semesters at either the Escuela de Administración de Negocios in Lima, Peru, or the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

"We looked at the most prevalent business languages spoken and offered at BYU as well as the schools' prominence in the business world to narrow our selection of schools," says Cynthia Halliday, the Whitmore Center's managing director. Currently ESAN ranks No. 14 among business schools in Latin America according to América Economía magazine, and HKUST holds the No. 1 spot in the World's Top 200 Asian Universities according to QS Asian University Rankings.

The exchange is not just for those who speak the language native to the countries, explains Lee Radebaugh, director of the Whitmore Center. The schools were also chosen because they offer classes taught in English, opening the experience for any Marriott School student. In addition to English, HKUST offers classes in Cantonese and Mandarin and ESAN offers classes in Spanish.  

"The language options are extremely valuable because there are so many foreign-speaking BYU students and they're always looking for ways to practice their second-language skills," Radebaugh says.

Halliday agrees and says that the student exchanges not only allow students to delve into the language but also immerse themselves in the culture. She says there is no better way to learn the vernacular and customs of a country than by living there and interacting with students and professors.

Dan Lee, a Latin American studies major with a management minor from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, went on an exchange to Monterrey, Mexico, during Winter 2009 and recommends every student take advantage of the opportunity. While in Mexico he learned Spanish, which he now uses frequently in the workplace.

"I gained a love for another part of the world," Lee says. "My eyes were opened more into what others around the world have to deal with on a daily basis, and I've developed skills and made friendships that I will cherish forever."

Due to the success of past programs Halliday says they are continually working on new programs with other highly accredited universities. There are five other exchange programs currently running in Pforzheim, Germany; Clermont–Ferrand, France; Lisbon, Portugal; São Paulo, Brazil; and Guadalajara, Mexico.

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Writer: Tori Ackerman