BYU SHRM Club: A Resource at Your Fingertips

PROVO, Utah – Mar 19, 2019 – Rachel McDougal entered BYU knowing she wanted to go into the business field, but she was indecisive about which program to pursue. Through the BYU Student Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) club at the BYU Marriott School of Business, McDougal discovered what she wanted to study and now serves as vice president of development for the BYU SHRM club, where she aims to pay forward the help she has received.

“I can definitely say the SHRM club helped me discover HR and be more prepared to enter the program and pursue a career,” says McDougal, a senior from Riverton, Utah, studying human resources. “I’m grateful to still participate and hopefully give to others in some form the experiences I’ve had so far.”

After receiving many invitations to SHRM club activities her freshman year, McDougal finally decided to attend a club event where she learned about human resources, a discipline she previously knew little about. From there, McDougal formed new friendships, received individual mentorship from HR seniors, and even won a team case competition with fellow BYU Marriott students.

The BYU SHRM club is the primary student-run organization for students interested in a human resource career. With the many different career paths to choose from within the HR industry, choosing the right one can prove overwhelming for students. To help students through the decision process, the BYU SHRM club provides opportunities for them to work together to determine their future career goals.

Amy Safsten, a sophomore from Mount Airy, Maryland, is currently a pre-management major who has attended multiple SHRM events in hopes of determining whether HR is the right fit for her. Solving real workplace problems, role-playing management scenarios, and creating company wellness plans in a team setting are only a few of the many club experiences so far that have helped her strongly consider the HR career path.

“You get a taste of what you do in real life on a small scale with a group of people who want to advance themselves and share the same interests,” Safsten says.

The BYU SHRM club also provides opportunities for students to build connections that go beyond the classroom setting, according to SHRM director of club networking Rebecca Trippe. Trippe, a junior from Nampa, Idaho, studying human resources, says she has observed how the club connects students to internships and job opportunities they otherwise would not have heard of.

“Building relationships that are going to last is essential,” says Trippe. “We do not realize the many resources available at our fingertips when we are trying to make career decisions on our own.”

BYU SHRM club member Joshua Campbell, a junior from Murray, Utah, studying human resources, says he landed a summer internship simply by listing all the friends and contacts he knew, along with the companies each person was connected to. As he maintained those relationships, he eventually was connected to an opportunity to work for DELL. “You’re never done networking, and it’s never too early or too late to start,” Campbell says.

BYU SHRM club president Jorgen Rasmussen, a senior from Orem, studying human resources, says the club’s activities are created with the intent of bringing students together to network, train, and problem-solve as a team—similar to working in the real world. He says he enjoys the experience of helping students recognize their own strengths and helping them network together to move forward.

“Knowing that other students are also in your shoes or understand what you’re going through is so helpful,” says Rasmussen.

If a student is still deciding whether to pursue HR—or is already in HR and debating which career path is the right fit—Rasmussen says the BYU SHRM club is a resource that helps students embrace the opportunities available and realize they are not alone in the process. 

“Success in the HR field is possible in so many different ways,” Rasmussen says. “The club is here to open doors for students and allow them to work together to become the best business leaders of tomorrow.”

The BYU SHRM club meet for a Wellness event on campus.
The BYU SHRM club members meet to discuss company wellness plans.

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Writer: Brittany Salinas