Conferences & Events

Upcoming Conferences & Events

SEM Boot Camp 2016

Structural equation modeling seminar 2016

Dates:   5–7 May 2016
Location:   TNRB
Contact:   Caroline Thorne at (801) 422-5602

Past Conferences & Events

SOA Convocation Reception

Congratulations Graduates! Come bring your families and have some refreshments on April 22nd before Convocation.

Dates:   22 April 2016
Location:   The 3rd Floor of the Hinckley Center

SOA Graduation Celebration 2016

Please join us Tuesday, April 12th at 2:30pm for our Graduation Celebration! There will be lunch, awards, and activities!

Dates:   12 April 2016
Location:   W408/410 TNRB

Marriott School Closing Banquet

Marriott School Closing Banquet

Dates:   31 March 2016
Location:   Provo Marriott Hotel
Contact:   MSM Student Council at (435) 720 - 7104

SOA Junior Core Etiquette Dinner

An etiquette-focused cocktail party and dinner for SOA junior core students and their spouses.

Dates:   16 March 2016
Location:   Marriott Hotel, Provo Utah
Contact:   Kara White at 801-422-4195

2016 High School Business Language Competition

The Marriott School of Management at BYU is proud to present the 5th High School Business Language Competition (HSBLC). The HSBLC provides an opportunity for high school students to apply their business and language skills outside their school environment. This competition will also provide students with an opportunity to develop their presentation skills in Spanish and utilize their creative skills while developing a business plan.

Dates:   26 February 2016
Location:   Marriott School, Tanner Building
Contact:   Lyndi Miller at (801)422-2053

BS Social

Come to The Wall for dinner, games, and karaoke!

Dates:   4 February 2016
Location:   The Wall, 1151 WSC
Contact:   Morgan Matthews

SOASA Pizza and Bowling Night

Come enjoy pizza and bowling!

Dates:   21 January 2016
Location:   BYU Game Center, 1171 WILK
Contact:   Melany Lingham

2015 Business Language Case Competition

Case Competition held in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Dates:   12–13 November 2015
Location:   Marriott School, Tanner Building
Contact:   Lyndi Miller at (801)422-2053

2015 Acc Symposium - MEALS confirmation

This registration page is used only to confirm attendee meal selections in case those have changed since the initial registration.

Dates:   5–7 November 2015
Location:   Tanner Building
Contact:   David Wood at (801) 422-8642

School of Accountancy Conference 2015

School of Accountancy Conference 2015

Dates:   22–24 October 2015
Location:   Provo, UT
Contact:   Jennifer Maroney at 801-422-4959

2015 Management Society Leadership Conference

Theme: Cultivating a Culture of Contribution
This is the annual conference for Management Society chapter leaders from around the world.

In addition to presentations on chapter management and best practices, attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from outstanding keynote speakers: Ron McMillan (Crucial Conversations); Kim Cameron (Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance); Jeffrey Thompson (Finding Your Calling in Life); Steve Shallenberger (The Becoming Your Best Challenge: Building a Culture that Creates Magic); Brad Agle (BYUMS Code of Ethics); and Aaron Miller (Engaging Boards and Volunteers).

The conference will provide the opportunity for board members to professionally connect, share best practices for growing their chapters, and develop leadership skills.

Dates:   1–2 October 2015
Location:   Thursday: Aspen Grove Friday: Tanner Building
Contact:   Rixa Oman at 801-422-6824

NAC 2015 Fall Conference

Annual National Advisory Council Fall Conference

Dates:   24–26 September 2015
Location:   Tanner Building
Contact:   Brittanie Steele at 801-422-5629

GEA Retreat August 2015

Quite possibly the funnest time you've ever had in Heber in your whole life. This all-inclusive overnighter at a beautiful cabin will include golfing, ATV riding, ziplining, tons of food and snacks, a keynote given by Steve Gibson, and any other serendipitous fun that may occur along the way. Don't miss this chance to meet and get to know your fellow entrepreneurial minded students as well as various CEOs, VCs, alumni, and BYU faculty.

Dates:   28–29 August 2015
Location:   Heber Utah
Contact:   Mark Cornelison at (208) 705-2340

EMPA 2015 Graduation Banquet

Dress attire is business professional

Dates:   11 June 2015
Location:   Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Salt Lake City, UT
Contact:   Catherine Cooper at 801.422.9173

SEM Boot Camp

Structural equation modeling seminar 2015

Dates:   14–16 May 2015
Location:   TNRB
Contact:   Caroline Thorne at (801) 422-5602

Math Camp 2015

Both MPA and EMPA students will be attending a four day extensive math camp training to help them refresh the basic math skills they will be using in their graduate level courses. Snacks will be provided during the day. The event is from 9 AM- 4 PM each day with a 1 hour break for lunch from 12 PM - 1 PM.

Dates:   17–20 August 2015
Location:   W118 TNRB, Provo, UT
Contact:   Heather Chewning at 801-422-4222

SOASA Opening Social

Put Come join our SOA Spouse Association (SOASA) Opening Social to find out about the SOASA, future events, and mingle while eating a delicious dinner.

Dates:   17 September 2015
Location:   Hinckley Center Main Ballroom

2015 NAC & Faculty Dinner

NAC & MSM Faculty Dinner

Dates:   25 September 2015
Location:   Legacy Tent
Contact:   Brittanie Steele at 801-422-5629

Strategy Alumni Conference 2015

Come re-connect with classmates, build new relationships, and learn from amazing speakers, professors, and fellow alum.

Dates:   1–2 October 2015
Location:   BYU Campus
Contact:   Stephanie Graham at 801-422-2664

Dates:   28–29 October 2015
Location:   Various rooms in the Wilk
Contact:   Ballard Center at 801-422-5283

2015 Accounting Research Symposium

The program will include several research presentation sessions in which participants (especially doctoral students and new faculty) will present papers or proposals for research.

In each session we will encourage and allocate sufficient time for constructive audience participation and feedback. In addition, we are planning panel discussions, keynote speakers, and optional activities such as attendance at a BYU home football game.

Dates:   5–7 November 2015
Location:   Tanner Building
Contact:   David Wood at (801) 422-8642

Advisory Board / 2015 Alumnus of the Year

Friday November 13, 2015 * Advisory Board Meeting and Alumnus of the Year Luncheon

Dates:   13 November 2015
Location:   BYU Campus
Contact:   Maddie Hunt at 801-422-7391

Elevate 2016

Pre-management students explore Marriott School programs and receive mentoring on professional development.

Dates:   4–5 February 2016
Location:   Tanner Building
Contact:   Marriott School Advisement Center at 801-422-4285

2016 Annual Marriott School OB/HR Conference

Learn - connect - contribute

Dates:   25–26 February 2016
Location:   Hinckley Alumni Center & Tanner Building
Contact:   Stephanie Graham at O (801) 422-2664

Administrator of the Year

Graduation and awards banquet.

Dates:   10–11 March 2016
Location:   W408/410 TNRB
Contact:   Heather Chewning at 801-422-4222

Experience Industry Management Conference

In an effort to continue the dialogue around the topic of experience industries, the Department
of Recreation Management in the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University (BYU) hosts an annual Experience Industry Management (EIM) Conference for academics and professionals.

Dates:   29–30 March 2016
Location:   Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center, Pro
Contact:   Mat Duerden at 801-422-3834

NMSA Closing Banquet

Come celebrate another great year with the NMSA and recognize the students that have earned their Certified Nonprofit Professional credential.

Dates:   5 April 2016
Location:   W410 Tanner Building, Brigham Young University
Contact:   Jordan Dye at 801-901-3692

Annual Marriott School Awards Luncheon

Annual Marriott School awards luncheon for all faculty, staff, and administrators honoring outstanding faculty, teaching excellence awards, citizenship, research, and staff and administrative excellent awards

Dates:   20 April 2016
Location:   Hinckley Center
Contact:   Idon Openshaw at 24123