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  • A Flag for Egypt Tuesday Mar 31 2020

    For Nada Elmasry, a junior in BYU Marriott's global supply chain management program, the Egyptian flag hung in the Tanner Building’s atrium symbolizes the opportunity to represent her home country.

  • Region, State and BYU Student Employee of the Year brings together #MyViewFromBYU Global supply chain major and social media student employee Summer Herlevi pairs work and classroom learning to polish BYU's Instagram account Wednesday Mar 25 2020

    BYU Marriott global supply chain management major and social media student employee Summer Herlevi pairs work and classroom learning to polish BYU's Instagram account.

  • From Recess to Supply Chain Friday Mar 06 2020

    BYU Marriott alumna Melinda Malmgren's love for business can be traced back to her fifth-grade days when she participated in a class activity called "Store."

  • Building the World Tuesday Mar 03 2020

    For Scott and Carmen Moscrip, global supply chain students at BYU Marriott aren't just future employees and leaders, but building blocks to a better world.

  • Students Get Moving at Annual Global Supply Chain Management Case Competition Friday Feb 28 2020

    How did Masyn Barney, a junior in BYU Marriott’s global supply chain management program, spend the week before his wedding? He competed with three other teammates in the GSCM program’s fifth annual case competition. The competition took place 27–31 January 2020. Students in BYU Marriott’s marketing, strategy, and experience design management programs were invited to participate in the competition. Pre-management, engineering, and science majors could compete as well.

  • GSCM Team Places Third at Bowersox Undergraduate Supply Chain Challenge Friday Dec 13 2019

    Four seniors in the BYU Marriott global supply chain management program took third place at the 2019 Bowersox Undergraduate Supply Chain Management Challenge hosted at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, on 24–25 October 2019.

  • Prepared to Succeed Monday Nov 04 2019

    Joey Chen, a senior in BYU Marriott’s GSCM program, returned to her home country of China this past summer to assist Tom Foster, the GSCM department chair, with case research. Though Chen had less experience than the other researchers also working on the project, by using the knowledge she has gained during her time as a student in the GSCM program, and with Foster’s assistance, Chen became an integral part of the research project.

  • BYU Marriott Welcomes New Faculty in 2019 Friday Nov 01 2019

    The Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business welcomes seven new professors to the Tanner Building this fall.

  • Raising the Bar Thursday Sep 05 2019

    Angel Zhong is always reaching for a higher bar in order to achieve her dreams. As a member of the BYU gymnastics team, a student in BYU Marriott’s global supply chain management (GSCM) program, and a doTERRA intern, Zhong proves that hard work and dedication pay off.

  • Addiction Made Me Stronger Wednesday Apr 17 2019

    Adopted from China by a family consumed by addiction, Ashley Howe, a senior at BYU Marriott, had a rough start to life straight out of the gate. Despite her challenges, she consistently overcame adversity and was recently recognized with the Global Supply Chain Outstanding Student faculty award.

  • BYU, A Dream Come True Tuesday Apr 02 2019

    Simon Greathead, a native of Lancaster, England, who comes from a working-class background, is the first to say he was unlikely to become a professor. However, thanks to his parents’ hard work and his motivation, Greathead feels he is now living his dream as a global supply chain professor at the BYU Marriott School of Business. 

  • Hired for a Purpose Friday Jan 25 2019

    Normally recent graduates aren’t involved in redesigning a global company’s entire shipping system, but Melissa Nielsen isn’t a normal recent graduate. Her degree in Global Supply Chain Management allowed her to skip the learning curve and start making a difference immediately.

  • Good vs. Evil: How heroes and villains affect the food you buy Heroes on packaging can make vice food seem less harmful to consumers Thursday Jan 10 2019

    A new BYU study finds the battle between good and evil is being waged in our food packaging, and we are paying the price because of it, both in terms of health and money.

  • BYU Marriott Welcomes Its New Dean Brigitte Madrian Began Term 1 January Monday Jan 07 2019

    After six months of anticipation, Brigham Young University finally welcomes its newest dean. On 1 January 2019, Brigitte C. Madrian began her tenure as dean of the BYU Marriott School of Business.

  • Passing the Internship Torch Wednesday Dec 19 2018

    Students at the BYU Marriott School of Business are not strangers to the idea of networking with their peers, but this year the Global Supply Chain Association is taking it to a new level. Seniors in the global supply chain program are working to change the internship game in a way that will benefit their peers and future students.

  • Five New Professors Join BYU Marriott Monday Dec 03 2018

    The Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business welcomes five new faculty members to three different departments.

  • Always Asking 'What's Next?' Monday Oct 29 2018

    Cindy Blair wasn’t always sure she wanted to teach, but whenever when life was uncertain, she would ask, “What’s next?” and keep moving forward. This mentality shaped the course of her career and continues to inspire her teaching and research at BYU.

  • BYU Marriott Accepts New Students Tuesday Jul 31 2018

    Amid Independence Day celebrations and summer relaxation in July, pre-business students eagerly wait to find out if they were accepted to BYU Marriott.

  • Love Precedes Content Thursday Jun 21 2018

    Assistant teaching professor Scott Webb believes the best way to teach is to fill the classroom's atmosphere with love and concern for each other.

  • Thompson Named Interim Dean Tuesday Jun 12 2018

    Michael P. Thompson will serve as interim dean from 1 July 2018 to 31 December 2018. Steve Glover and Keith Vorkink will continue to serve as associate deans.